The Activists' Choice for Equity

Paul W. Fleming
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A Vision for our union

A bold new industrial strategy

Showing members that our strength is in the workplace, and that our members deserve strong and modern terms. We need a roadmap for how we achieve agreements in new sectors, protect all our members’, and put caring responsibilities at the heart of all that we fight for.

A Modern Equalities Agenda

We need a radical look at how our members can self organise with confidence in their equalities groups. I’ll organise a special conference within the first 100 days to look at how this can happen.

Reshaping A Resilient Industry

With the government forced to acknowledge the inadequacy of safety nets for precarious workers, and how the arts is a vital service for our society, our economy and even our health, this is the time to roll back the austerity that’s put us under threat.

The skills for Our Union

Industrial organiser at Equity for almost a decade

Local councillor handling budget of millions

Worked in professional political communications in the UK and USA

Track record of managing strong staff teams

Cut his teeth beating the bosses in the steel industry

From a working class background, educated at Oxford, with personal passion for all our members’ work, from club singers to opera and audio books

With Support from Our Union

Endorsed by over 100 Equity Activists

Chairs and VCs of all 4 equality committees

All of the London General Branches Chairs

2 former Equity Vice Presidents

Chairs and VCs of 9 of the union’s 16 committees

18 former Councillors

Founders of PIPA

ALD Executive Members

American Equity Councillors

I met Paul when I was working at the National Theatre, and I know how passionately he cares about all artists’ working lives. He has the skills to make Equity a stronger voice & force for good work both in our industry and wider society.

Olivia Colman CBE

Paul’s vision is the one we need for variety members—over a quarter of our union. Paul will set up a new Variety section, with dedicated staff to work with activists to develop a ‘National Variety Strategy’. He’s got the back of variety members across the country.

Steve McGuire
Secretary, North East Variety Branch