Paul is endorsed by the union’s whole council & over 100 Equity activists; including Chairs/VCs of all 4 equality committees, Chairs/VCs of 9 of the union’s 16 committees, 12 Chairs & Secretaries of both variety and general branches – including all four Chairs of the London General Branches, two former Equity Vice Presidents, and 18 former councillors. In a personal capacity, the founders of PIPA, ALD Exec members, American Equity councillors and others also join his list of supporters.

I’m an Equity member because of Paul’s vision for its members. His commitment to trade unionism means he sees the root causes of inequality across our industry: the precarious terms he tries to change every day in a complex ecology. Paul has absolutely the skills and the vision to put Equity at the forefront of the fight for a more representative industry: whether that be performers, stage management, directors or other artists.

Indhu Rubasingham MBE

Charlotte Cornwell, Actor & former Equity Vice President
Olivia Colman CBE, Actor
Julie Hesmondhalgh, Actor & former Equity Deputy – Coronation Street
Maxine Peake, Actor/Director
Tracy Brabin MP, Actor & Shadow Minister for Cultural Industries
Christine Bottomley, Actor
Roger Allam, Actor
Haydn Gwynne, Actor
Hywel Morgan, Actor, Vice Chair of Equity Stage Committee & former Equity Councillor
Polly Kemp, Actress and Co-Founder of ERA 5050
Samuel West, Actor & former Equity Councillor
Joe McGann, Actor
Lindsay Duncan CBE, Actor
Nicholas Le Prevost, Actor
Natasha Gerson, Dancer & Choreographer, former Equity Vice President
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Actor & former member of Equity Screen & New Media Committee
Tanya Moodie, Actor & former Equity Councillor
Alex Jennings, Actor
Timothy West, Actor
Indhu Rubasingham, Director
Cassie Raine, Founder, Parents & Carers in the Performing Arts (PIPA)
Les Dennis, Actor & Director
Pandora Collin, Actor
David Langham, Actor
Trevor Fox, Actor
Nicholas Woodeson, Actor & former Equity Councillor
Peter Forbes, Actor & former Equity Councillor
Jonathan Coy, Actor & former Equity Councillor
Lynda Rooke, Actor & former Equity Councillor, former member of Equity Women’s Committee
Fiona Mott, Stage Manager, member of Equity’s Stage Management Committee, former Equity Councillor
Andrew Macbean, Actor & former Equity Councillor
Nicola Hawkins, Actor & former Equity Councillor
Stevie Webb, Actor & Equity West End Deputies Committee
Joseph Kloska, Director/Actor & former Equity Councillor
Francis Jue, Actor & American Equity National Council Member
Yukiko Matsui, Chair, Equity Dancers Committee
Rebecca Louis, Actor/Choreographer & Chair, Equity West End Deputies Committee, former Equity Councillor
Giovanni Bienne, Actor & Chair, Equity LGBT+ Committee
Phoebe Kemp, Actor & Chair of Equity’s Deaf & Disabled Members Committee
Daniel York Loh, Actor, Director & former Chair of Equity’s Minority Ethnic Members Committee
Lisa Mellor, Stage Manager, Chair of Equity’s Stage Management Committee
Sheila Mitchell, Actor/Audio Artist, Chair of Equity’s Audio Committee & former Equity Councillor
Robbie Butler, Lighting Designer, Chair of Equity Directors & Designers Committee & Association of Lighting Designers Executive

Abiola Ogunbiyi, Actor, Vice Chair Equity’s Women’s Committee, former Equity Councillor
Sam Swann, Vice Chair, Equity Young Members Committee
Dan Edge, Actor, Podcaster, Vice Chair, Equity’s Deaf & Disabled Members Committee
David Thorpe, Actor & Vice Chair of Equity’s Audio Committee
Henrietta Branwell, Chair, Equity Staff Pension Scheme, former Equity Councillor
Andrew Ashenden, Chair, Equity Fight Directors Register
Phil Stafford, Fight Director, Vice Chair of the Equity Fight Directors Register
Shenagh Govan, Actor & Chair, Equity North East London Branch
Su Gilroy, Director & Chair, Equity West and South West London General Branch
Fiona Whitelaw, Actor, Director & Chair, Equity South and South East General Branch
Elise Harris, Comedian/Actor & Chair, Equity North West London General Branch
Caron Jane Lyon, Stage Manager & Chair, Equity Online Branch
Alec Powell, Comedian, Magician & Chair, Equity Birmingham & District Variety Branch
Kate Rutter, Actor/Director & Chair, Sheffield General Branch
Liam Gerrard, Actor, Secretary, Sheffield General Branch
Eltjo De Vries, Performer/Storyteller & former Chair Bristol & West General Branch
Martin Williams, Actor, Branch Secretary Liverpool General Branch
Yvonne Joseph, Variety Artiste, Manchester & District Variety Branch Secretary & Former Northern Area Councillor
Bob Oakley, Variety Artiste, Secretary Coventry & Leicester Variety Branch
Jamie Byron, Company Manager & Stage Manager & Chair, Greater Manchester General Branch
Chris Clarkson, Actor/Magician & Secretary Greater Manchester General Branch
Valerie Jean Mann, Chair, North and West Yorkshire Variety Branch
Peter Rylands Actor, Chair North Lancashire and Cumbria General Branch
Cliff Evans, Variety Artiste, Chair of the West of England Variety Branch
Chipo Chung, Actor & member of the International Committee for Artists Freedom
Janie Dee, Actor
Sean Biggerstaff, Actor & Director, Member of Equity’s Screen and New Media Committee
Hilton Mcrae, Actor
Zainab Hasan, Actor, Member of Equity’s Stage Committee
James Quinn, Actor
Sean Kempton, Actor, Clown & Circus Artist, former member Equity’s Variety, Circus and Light Entertainment committee
Jo Town, Lighting Designer & Chair, Association of Lighting Designers
Rick Fisher, Lighting Designer & Vice President – Association of Lighting Designers

Mark Jonathan, Lighting Designer & Deputy Chair, Association of Lighting Designers
Peter Mumford, Lighting Designer & former Chair, Association of Lighting Designers
Claude Starling, Actor & founding member – Equity Low Pay, No Pay & Rights Working Party
Frances Rifkin, Director & Honorary Life Member
Louis Rolston, Actor, former Equity Councillor
Simon Muller, Actor & former member of Equity’s Subsidised Theatre Working Party
Alex Burke, Equity Stage Management Committee
Emma Manton, Actor & member, Equity Stage Committee
David Campbell, Singer & Equity Deputy, English National Opera
John Mulroy, Singer & Equity Deputy, Royal Opera House
Marilyn Cutts, Actor, former Equity Councillor & former member of Equity Stage Committee
Brian Perkins, Stage Management & former Member Equity Stage Management Committee
Adam Pettigrew, Actor, Equity Stage Committee & former Chair of Equity Young Members Committee
Jassa Ahluwalia, Actor and former member of Equity’s Minority Ethnic Members Committee
Rachel Fagan, Actor
Pete Keal, Secretary, Leeds and Region General Branch
Amy Forrest, Actor & member of Equity’s LGBT+ Committee
Larner Wallace-Taylor, Secretary Emeritus, Equity’s West & South West London Branch
Jenna Boyd, Actor & member of Equity’s West End Deputies Committee
Karina Cornwell, Actor & Founding Member, Equity Young Members Committee, former Equity Councillor
Barry Evans, Director/Actor, Member of Equity’s Directors & Designers Committee & former Equity Councillor
Paul Higgins, Actor
Nicholas Lumley, Actor
Vicky Voxx, Drag Artist & Actor
Geoff Breton, Actor/Director & former member, Equity Stage Committee
Jason Broderick, Actor & member of Equity’s Online Branch Committee
Claire Wyatt, Actor
Malcolm Ward, Actor & Emeritus Chair, Equity’s West & South West London Branch
Michael Branwell, Trustee, Equity Staff Pension Scheme
George Staines, Actor and Treasurer, Equity’s West & South West London Branch
James Nicholson, Actor & member, Equity LGBT+ Committee
Ann Queensbury, Actor & former member, Equity Subsidised Theatre Working Party
Davey Nellist, Actor & member, Equity Stage Committee
Joe Richardson, Actor
Fiona Coombe, Stage Management

Will Attenborough, Actor
Ryan Ellsworth, Actor
Tim Block, Actor
Anne Gaelan, Actor
Amanda Gordon, Actor